Thank you God for loving me. <3


Thank you God for loving me. <3

30 day Challenge, Day 16: something you always think “what if…” about

What if………

My biological father is with me, with us. What if, he never left?

Okay if my mom sees this, she’ll kill me. Better run for my life! Ahhhhhh

30 Day Challenge, Day 15: Your zodiac and if you think if it fits your personality

Sagittarius: Personal Profile

The Sagittarius women want to rush everything through immediately, and hence, their anger flare up even over minor hurdles and temporary delays. Their restlessness, in excess, can cost them dearly at times.

They are open-mined and not overly sensitive, and therefore, when criticised, they listen to the feedback carefully, evaluate the comments, make some notes in their minds and try to bring changes if they think are needed. They always want to better themselves.

However, they may not be very careful about how their behaviour and words may affect others. They believe in speaking the truth in its pure form, regardless of how harsh it may be. The Sagittarius women can be very direct in their comments and, more often than not, end up hurting their near and dear ones with their sharp comments.

I think so. Yes.

30 Day Challenge, Day 14: What you wore today

30 Day Challenge, Day 14: What you wore today

30 Day Challenge, Day 13: Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it

First things first, I am absolutely comfortable with it now! If you see me uhm 6 or 7 years ago, Ha! I don’t know. I’m pretty much stuffed back then and you don’t know how it definitely affected my socializing skills. Okay I am perfectly fine with my body… (I’m literally stuck in it) I’m just thankful that I get to wear and pull off almost every clothes on display at clothing stores, I get heads turned when I pass by, I get compliments by how I look and these greatly boosted my self esteem! tho sometimes I really really really hate it. There are times I look in the mirror and get horrified by what I see, but then again "No, this is not happening" "It’ll be different tomorrow!!" "Ahhhhh no way" crosses my mind Hahaha YES. And by the next time I look in the mirror, I smile and pretend it’s a camera taking a shot or two okay I’m weird//

30 Day Challenge: day 12: Five guys whom you find attractive

  1. James Reid
  2. Vini Uehara
  3. Mario Maurer
  4. Zayn Malik!!
  5. Lastly. Hahaha you know, can’t find a picture :p


He faced all this for you, for you to be loved, blessed, glorified, exalted, satisfied, accepted, freed and resurrected.

30 Day Challenge, Day 11: My family

  1. Meet my gorgeous mom
  2. My sister in her checkered dress
  3. My step father
  4. My cousin Jenny werk our boxing outfits
  5. You see me and my sister hihi
  6. That’s my grandmother, with my little mom
  7. My grandfather
  8. And a picture of pretty much everyone at home: Me, my mom, my mom’s sisters: Tita Malou, Tita May, My cousin Sandy and Redge and Tita Ana.
"You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word “sorry.”"
— Unknown (via drapetomania)