"He’ll grab your waist and whisper in your ear but six months later you’ll find yourself drunk texting him that you miss him and he won’t respond."
— (via safeslut)

Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

— John Mayer (via shigaretto)
30 Day Challenge, Day 10: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play
  1. I Wish - Cher Lloyd
  2. Miss Moving On - Fifth Harmony
  3. Promise - Ciara
  4. Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
  5. Me & My Girls - Fifth Harmony
  6. The Illest - Far East Movement
  7. Feel this Moment - Pitbull
  8. Neon Lights - Demi Lovato
  9. We Can’t Stop - Miley Cyrus
  10. Freak My Shit - New Boys
30 Day Challenge, Day 9: How important you think is education

Hmm. I am thinking what if I didn’t study in the first place. I wouldn’t learn how to read, write, solve equations or do simple math. It’s just basic things to learn to survive life. If you’re not well-educated in this kind of society, well good luck. People these days are just very judgmental. They can easily fool you if you don’t have proper education. Would you find a decent job if you don’t have a diploma? How would you earn money if you don’t have a decent job? What happens if you won’t earn money? You won’t be able to pay your needs like food and such. You won’t be able to buy anything you want. Unless, your family is rich! Yes, you can buy anything, you have money. But you’re still uneducated. A Diploma these days is an essential. People who earned they’re diplomas, face the world with a chin up. Alright, maybe not a certain diploma, but you get the point! ;)



Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Kiss Cam Moment x

Real men turn their cap so it’s easier to kiss


Now you see me with my precious mojos 

date me not;


I am annoying. You might get irritated by the way I speak, the way I walk and the way I am. I love talking and talking until I complete all the chapters of my life and other people’s life. I am silent when I want to. I stay silent as I can be. Sometimes I hate talking and if you decide to talk to me, I’ll just nod and pretend that I am interested when in fact I’m not. 

I am confident. You might dislike my confidence sometimes. I am loud and at some point I think that I am the bestest creature in the world when the truth is I am full of flaws. And there would be times that I would be too much shy about my physical looks, attitudes, talents, and my whole self. I sometimes just want to melt and shrink so that no one could ever lay their eyes on me. 

I am insecure. I envy those girls on the streets with their dresses and cute flats. I constantly think of being that girl, this girl who is much more beautiful and lovable than me. Sometimes, I wish to be someone else. When I see girls whom I think I am better, I used to swank and make them feel insecure. 

I am confused. Sometimes I would feel that I like you so much that I can’t even survive a single day without you. I would be looking for your presence every now and then, but when you’re near I am sometimes annoyed by your presence. I hate it when you would become too clingy and sweet. There would be times that I would feel like I don’t want you to be a segment of my life.

I am bossy. I would be asking you to do this, do that, and this. I hate it when people do not follow what I say. I hate it when I am disappointed. I want to dominate over people. But sometimes, I just want to be treated like a slave, to do this and that and even if I am not asked to, I will do a thing. 

I am stupid. I’m a well-educated person and I have a degree but there are some things that I guess I would never know. I would be agreeing into some things and afterwards, I’ll be uneasy realizing that it may not be good for me. I sometimes don’t understand some phrases that I would see and I would ask you about it and you may get annoyed with my stupidity. Sometimes I feel too witty that I feel the need to outsmart people and make them feel dumb.

I am self-centered. I want to be prioritized. I want you to do such things because it is favorable on my part. I want you to decline any offers and treats of other people just for me. I want to stay beside you anytime and your thoughts only about me. But at some points, I want to be treated as a second option or even the last. Sometimes, I want to be forgotten for a while and knowing that, I would weep.

I am stubborn. I hate it when I am dictated to do this. I hate it when someone would be controlling my life. No one has the prerogative to push me to do things. I would be what I want to be. But there are instances that I want to be dictated and I would be asking you a step by step process about what should I do and not.

I am emotional. I am tough and I am strong. I laugh at my hardest when I feel the need. Sometimes I would just remain silent and weep for hours for I don’t know reasons. There are times that I would feel like crying and crying and when I am done I would just smile and say I am fine. I shed tears for simple things and I hate it when I have to.

I am mean. I want to see people suffering. I love it when I cause pain to people who hurt me. Sometimes, I would want to see you tormenting and grief for my attention. I love it when I would be treated like a goddamn princess but sometimes I just want to be the nicest person on earth.